How to Apply for Veterans Benefits

Applications for Chapter 115 Public Assistance benefits can be filed with the Veteran's local Veterans Agent who works out of your city or town hall.

Springfield's Veteran Agent is Thomas M. Belton.

If you are not a Springfield resident, here's how to find your Agent:

  • See the complete listing of Veterans Agents in Massachusetts.
  • Call your local city/town hall and ask for Veterans' Services.
  • Or, call the Department of Veterans’ Services, 617-210-5480 and ask for your Veterans’ Agent name and contact information.

Examples of documents needed for application (speak to your Veterans’ Agent for a full list of documents required)


  • DD214 or other discharge certificate
  • Income verification (pay stubs, award letters or other documents showing monthly income)
  • Shelter verification (rent receipt or mortgage payment)

To Establish Relationship as a Veteran's Dependent

  • Marriage certificate (for spouse or widow/widower of a veteran)
  • Birth certificate or adoption record with name of eligible veteran as parent (for child of a veteran)
  • Death certificate (for widow/widower of a veteran, child of deceased veteran)
  • Birth certificate of veteran with name of parent (for parent of a veteran)
  • Public record or statements from the veteran or other knowledgeable people, showing that the applicant stood in place of a parent to the veteran for five years immediately preceding the veteran's wartime service (for person in place of a parent to a veteran)

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