TTY Telephone Numbers

For TTY Assistance, please call 413-736-3111.



If you are experiencing an emergency, DIAL 9-1-1 on your TTY and then type in your location and emergency.  If you are calling to report a fire or medical emergency, the information will be relayed to the appropriate

What is TTY telephone?

A TTY telephone is a "text telephone" modified phone system where a speech or hearing impaired user can type messages to another person and read typed responses on a screen.  Also commonly referred to as "TDD" (telecommunication device) or minicom, a "read only" conversation can occur between two people who each have TTY telephones.

A speech or hearing impaired person with a TTY telephone can use a relay service to communicate with a person who do have a TTY telephone.  The TTY user calls the relay service using the TTY telephone  and the relay service acts as a go between to orally read the TTY user's text to the person receiving the call and then the relay service types in text to the TTY user the response of the person receiving the call.



If you use a TTY telephone and are attempting to contact a department that is not on the list below, please call your relay service and have the relay service call 413-736-3111 for assistance. This number functions as the TTY communication number for all City departments.

The following departments have a TTY telephone and will be able to directly communicate with someone by TTY telephone:

Health and Human Services                413-787-6745

Central Library                                   413-263-6835


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