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City of Springfield ARPA Community Seminar Scheduled for January 12, 2022 to Switch to Virtual Workshop Session

Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 case and out of an abundance of caution, the City of Springfield ARPA Community Seminar/Workshop scheduled for January 12, 2022 at Brightwood-Lincoln School has been changed to a virtual Seminar/Workshop session. The virtual ARPA community seminar/workshop will be from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Residents interested in attending this community outreach and assistance seminar/workshop can do so by registering for the virtual webinar at the link below provided by Focus Springfield:

The virtual ARPA community seminar/workshop session will provide information and help answer questions about the city’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Request for Proposal (RFP) open enrollment grant funding program and the application process.  Director of Recovery and Business Continuity Attorney Tom Moore, Director of Technical Assistance and Compliance Patrice ‘Chae’ Swan and Senior Budget Analyst Vanessa Lima will host the virtual outreach session and offer technical assistance and answer questions for residents and businesses with their ARPA RFP applications for households, seniors, nonprofits, and small business.  

Mayor Sarno states, “My administration is committed to providing this technical assistance and information workshop for our residents and business community.  Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and out of an abundance of caution to protect and preserve our workforce, we have decided that this important working session/workshop should not be canceled.  Instead we will hold a virtual working session so that our residents and business community can take full advantage and get their questions answered and receive the technical assistance they need from our dedicated city ARPA team.  As with our previous community outreach seminar/workshop that we held back in December 2021 at Rebecca Johnson, all are welcomed to attend.”

“As I have mentioned previously, we are also in the process of scheduling three additional community ARPA outreach seminars/workshops,” Mayor Sarno added.  “President of the Greater Springfield NAACP Bishop Talbert Swan, East Springfield Neighborhood Council President Kathy Brown and Indian Orchard Citizens Council President and Ward 8 City Councilor Zaida Govan had already reached out to me and indicated that they would like to schedule an ARPA community outreach seminar session for their respective communities.  We are looking forward to holding these additional sessions in the future either in-person or virtually.” 

For more information on the City of Springfield’s ARPA RFP applications and FAQs, please visit the Department of Recovery and Business Continuity webpage at:

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