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Mayor Sarno and Congressman Neal Joined JFK Remembrance Committee for 57th Annual Remembrance Service

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and U.S. Representative Richard E. Neal joined with the Springfield Board of Park Commissioners, Executive Director of Parks, Buildings, and Recreation Management Patrick Sullivan, and James E. Sullivan and members JFK Remembrance Committee on Sunday afternoon for the 57th JFK Remembrance Ceremony at the Eternal Flame in Forest Park.

The remembrance is held annually to honor the memory of President John F. Kennedy on the date of his assassination: November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. President John F. Kennedy was a Massachusetts native, U.S. Representative and Senator for Massachusetts, and America’s 35th President. The single other eternal flame dedicated to “JFK” burns by his gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery. 

On Sunday, Congressman Neal, Mayor Sarno, and James E. Sullivan laid three red roses at the memorial stone and a wreath by the Eternal Flame to honor the life and legacy of John F. Kennedy.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “Even though we’re currently living in the challenging and surreal times of dealing with and moving to defeat this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, more than ever, it is so important that we never forget and always remember the presence and feeling President Kennedy invoked, in our country and the world, of hope, promise, and a can-do attitude.”

“It is difficult to imagine that 57 years have passed since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated,” said Congressman Richard E. Neal. “As our 35th President, he was truly inspirational, and I attribute my own political aspiration and success to the enthusiasm I felt while hearing him speak on the steps of Springfield City Hall just days before his successful election in 1960. During this time of great uncertainty, it is important to remember President Kennedy’s optimism and hope for a unified country and a better tomorrow. Thank you to Mayor Sarno, the JFK Remembrance Committee, and the Parks Department for ensuring that this important day is dutifully marked each year.”


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