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Mayor Sarno Joined with Governor Charlie Baker to Spotlight Support for Housing Choice Legislation

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno joined with Governor Charlie Baker, EOHED Secretary Mike Kennealy, DHCD Undersecretary Jennifer Maddox, state Representatives Carlos Gonzalez, Bud Williams and Michael Finn, state Senator James Welch, President and CEO of Wayfinders Peter Gagliardi, President of STCC Dr. John Cook, and President and CEO of First Resource Companies Gordon Pulsifer in spotlighting their support for Governor Baker’s Housing Choice legislation and the need for housing across the Commonwealth.  

Mayor Sarno stated, “Governor Baker’s Housing Choice legislation strikes a delicate balance that maintains local control over zoning while better empowering communities to adopt housing production best practices for all types of housing.  This bill represents the best path forward for each community to produce more housing that addresses their specific needs.  In Springfield, we continue to work hard to create housing options that meet the demands of our residents.  Governor Baker’s legislation will allow other communities to do more of what Springfield is doing.  This bill reduces the threshold from a two-third vote to a simple majority vote only for a specific set of housing zoning measures aimed at producing housing of all types.  While the two-thirds vote has not been an impediment in the City of Springfield, I recognize that the supermajority is a significant obstacle for other communities seeking to create more housing.  This change could prove to be a major boost in helping to move along not just local housing initiatives across the Commonwealth, but also provide an additional tool in helping to spur economic development projects too.  I cannot stress enough that all of our communities across the Commonwealth need to step up and take on their fair share of this Housing Initiative.”  

Gordon Pulsifer added, “There are several barriers to housing however it is my opinion that the Housing Choice Bill will move us one step closer to truly unlocking the production to new housing and affordable housing across many communities in Massachusetts.”

Also in attendance for the City of Springfield was Chief Development Officer Tim Sheehan and Director of Housing Gerry McCafferty.

The bill is currently before the House Committee on Ways and Means. 

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