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Mayor Sarno Thanks and Expands Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Program Through Support of the Community Preservation Committee

Springfield, MA – Mayor Sarno announced today the City of Springfield is expanding the range of new home buyers who can access the City’s down payment assistance program, which provides $2500 toward down payment and closing costs as a 0% forgivable loan.  Through an award of funds from the Springfield Community Preservation Committee, the program can now assist moderate-income households. For a family of four, the new income cap for the down payment assistance program is $88,688.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno said I deeply appreciate Chairman McCarroll and the Committee’s support. Coupled with our “Buy Springfield Now program,” an expanded homebuyer program, “is very near and dear to my heart.” These efforts continue to strengthen and enhance a street, a neighborhood, and our city with good diverse families.

Robert McCarroll, chairman of the Springfield Community Preservation Committee, said "The Community Preservation Committee is pleased to help increase owner-occupancy in Springfield by funding to expand income-eligibility as allowed under CPA regulations."

The City’s Office of Housing has operated a down payment assistance program for many years. The existing program uses federal HOME Partnerships Investment Program funds to provide forgivable loans to households with incomes at or below 80% area income, which currently equals $76,050 for a four-person household. The program helps low-income households to become homebuyers, by advancing the cash assistance many people need to be able to complete the closing of their home’s mortgage.  The down payment loan is forgiven at a rate of 20% a year, as long as the homeowner maintains the property as their primary place of residence. During the five-year period, if the homeowner sells or rents the property, the loan must be repaid on a pro-rated basis.

The Springfield Community Preservation Committee award of $100,000 will enable the Office of Housing to serve 40 more households, and these households have a higher income maximum than the existing program. The new loans will also be five-year 0% interest forgivable loans.

The Community Preservation Act was adopted by the voters of Springfield in 2016. Expansion of the first-time homebuyers program is one of eleven projects recommended for funding by the CPC and approved by the City Council in fall 2018. 

Applications for the Down Payment Assistance program are available at the Office of Housing, 1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield, or online at


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