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City Of Springfield Announces Abutter Lots Sales Program

The City of Springfield is announcing the “Abutter Lots Sales Program”. The program is designed to sell City-owned vacant lots valued under $25,000 to property owners with a home or building directly abutting a vacant lot.

“These vacant lots that have come under City ownership through tax title takings can have a negative effect on the quality of life in our neighborhoods where they are located.” Mayor Domenic J. Sarno went on to say “The sales program is another tool in our fight to reduce blight throughout our City’s neighborhoods, to return these parcels to the tax rolls, reduce density, and allow existing responsible property owners to increase their property.”

The program will be administered through the Office of Housing and will require an application to be made. Please note that if a property is City owned the Office of Housing will investigate whether the lot will be eligible for sale through this program.  

For those who may be interested in viewing the program guidelines, restrictions or wish to fill out an application; please visit the City of Springfield’s Web site . The packet can also be picked up in person at the Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services located at; 1600 East Columbus Avenue, Springfield, MA 01103

For additional information you can call the City of Springfield’s Office of Housing at (413) 787-6500 

Page last updated:  Tuesday, March 1, 2022 01:32 pm