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Accountable Care Associates Announces the Relocation of their New Corporate Headquarters to Downtown Springfield

Accountable Care Associates today announced the relocation of its new corporate headquarters to One Monarch Place in downtown Springfield. Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, is excited by the prospect. “With the addition of Accountable Care Associates, a homegrown company, the Springfield revival continues,” Sarno stated.  A ceremony will take place Thursday, March 28th at 1pm at the company’s offices on the 10th floor. 

ACA was formed locally in 2010 under the leadership of Dr. Philip Gaziano, to serve both medical providers and patients by delivering high quality health care, and has shown strong and steady growth with a workforce now topping 100 employees.  Within the next year alone, ACA expects to continue to grow, projecting to add another 30 highly skilled, well-paid jobs.  A bright spot in the downtown economy in Springfield, ACA is part of the dynamic, innovative and expanding healthcare hub in Western Massachusetts.  ACA is affiliated with technology company Quality Health Ideas, also cofounded by Dr Gaziano, and together they provide innovative management solutions and cutting-edge IT and data solutions to doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.  

ACA is also a leader in facilitating a growing trend in healthcare toward accountable care organizations in which groups of doctors, hospitals or other health care providers come together to give highly coordinated care to patients with the goal of avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and preventing medical errors while improving patient outcomes. 

Through its innovative technology and clinical management solutions, ACA and its partner QHI distill a host of clinical information and present it to physicians in ways that are actionable and easy to access during clinical operations for better patient care. “Providers and hospitals all over the country are nervous about changing national standards and are trying to improve outcomes in the most efficient ways possible. Our systems address both of these issues at the same time,” explained Dr. Philip Gaziano, CEO and Chairman of Accountable Care Associates.  “Healthcare has to change; and with the right kind of support we can make those changes in healthcare not scary, but exciting and beneficial to all.”

In recognition of its commitment to the city of Springfield and Western Massachusetts, ACA is reaching out to the community in several important ways.  First by demonstrating leadership in the education and promotion of childhood physical exercise and nutrition ACA is sponsoring and running an initiative called “Get Moving.” Using the children’s book, Henry Gets Moving, Springfield Allergist and Immunologist, Dr. Jonathan Bayuk, also ACA’s Physician Advisory Board Chairman, organizes readings by UMASS athletes in local schools to motivate healthy living for children and their families.


In addition ACA is establishing a scholarship fund for Springfield residents who want to pursue careers in the medical fields.  Working in conjunction with the Springfield public school system, community members and medical professionals, ACA will provide scholarship funds to selected students attending Massachusetts’ colleges or universities.  

At its relocation ceremony, ACA will also make a donation to Square One to help with its programs of early childhood education and daycare programs. Square One is still recovering from the tornado that leveled its Main Street Children’s Center and Administrative Headquarters in 2011 and then lost another key facility in last year’s gas explosion.


Mayor Sarno is gratified by ACA’s commitment to community support and involvement.  “We are excited to welcome ACA; who is already showing a commitment to being a good corporate citizen through their scholarship fund and donation to Square One, said Mayor Sarno.  “Accountable Care Associates is positive proof that our collective efforts to create a more vibrant downtown is paying dividends; it is time to be bullish on Springfield!”  

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