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Armory Street Rehabilitation Details Announced

August 25, 2009 - Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and City Officials provided details today on the Armory Street Rehabilitation Project.   

The Rehabilitation of Armory Street extends from the Interstate 291 Interchange Ramps to the intersection of Armory Street and Federal Street. Excluded within this limit are the two bridges over the CSX Railroad, as these bridges are scheduled for rehabilitation by MassHighway in the near future.  The project Corridor is approximately 4,000 feet long.

The rehabilitation consists of the complete removal of the roadway pavement, curbing and sidewalks. Reconstruction will consist of new roadway base, selective replacement of granite curbing, new concrete sidewalks, resetting of existing brick sidewalks, new roadway pavement and four new traffic signals. All intersections, expect one, will maintain the same existing geometry. The intersection of Worthington/Magazine/Armory will be reconfigured, including one change in operation. The section of Armory Street leading from this intersection to Federal Street will be modified from two-way traffic to one-way traffic in the area of the intersection.

There will be limited utility replacement within the project corridor except for water system infrastructure. Within these project limits, a water-systems bypass will be constructed, which will allow for the complete replacement of the water distribution system in the same location as the existing water mains. Upon completion of the new main installation, the temporary by-pass water system will be removed and residences/businesses will be reconnected to the new main. In order to support the water systems work on Grant Street, the water distribution system in Grant Street will also be replaced, along with the existing sewage collection system.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, who recognized the inconvenience this rehabilitation project may cause some motorist, stated “This area of roadway was in need of these necessary repairs.”  “The City needs to continue moving forward with projects such as this to address issues associated with our City’s aging infrastructure.”  Sarno also extended his appreciation to city residents for their ongoing patience while this project moves forward.

Springfield’s Director of Public Works Al Chwalek stated “the rehabilitation of Armory Street will provide for better traffic flow.”  “The roadway rehabilitation portion of the Armory Street project is scheduled to be substantially completed by December 31, 2009,” stated Chwalek.   Any water systems work located outside of the roadway rehabilitation limits can extend until May 2010.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $3.2 million.  

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