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‘Ignorance is Bliss’ – Mayor Sarno ‘Again’ Highlights the Need to Follow and Adhere to the Public Health Emergency Orders

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno recently received an email from an individual who apparently is taking the COVID-19 situation and the recent Public Health Emergency orders of social distancing and the closing of all active recreational activities lightly.  His complete disregard to these public health measures being taken out of an abundance of caution for the greater good of our public’s health and wellness is astonishing.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “Nothing surprises me anymore.  Many times, I ignore these types of comments and deeply appreciate the many more positive and encouraging comments that a Mayor receives – But this one, not only do I have to highlight again the seriousness of this challenge before us, but just as important stand up for our Springfield.”

Below is the email with the Mayor’s response comments.

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Alan matthews

Question or Comment:

Comment: mayor Sarno needs to worry about his f*%&!$ up city rather then calling golfers selfish knuckle heads . We are told to go out and walk and get exercise. How am I exposing anyone when I drive in my car alone get out of my car walk to the tee box hit the ball and walk. I don’t get closer then 10 feet to anyone out there I touch nothing but my clubs which are wiped down with wipes. Concentrate on your broken city and politics !



Mayor Sarno’s response comments:


            “Mr. Matthews, Thank you for your ‘constructive criticism’ about my city – I’m sure that our residents appreciate your description of our wonderful city.  You tell me how 60 golfers are social distancing.  We’re in the midst of dealing with a life and death health emergency crisis.  But then again, your ignorant comments really prove my point.  Good health to you and your family.  God Bless.  Mayor Domenic J. Sarno.”


P.S. “I hope you finally get that hole-in-one too.” 

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